Marketing automation 

Simplify your marketing with Bitrix24 CRM software. Set up email marketing campaigns, ads, and more with ease through our automation tools.

Contact center 

Contact centers are essential for businesses of all sizes. Bitrix24 can assist you in efficiently managing your communication channels with our CRM software. Integrate all chats, web forms, emails, and phone calls into one unified platform for seamless communication.

Lead generation

Bitrix24 CRM software equips your company with the necessary tools to capture leads and monitor their progress through the sales pipeline. Sales teams can leverage this information to understand which marketing tactics are effective and identify less profitable strategies.

Client management 

Centralize all interaction details with leads and clients in the CRM for easy access, keeping your sales team informed and relationships up-to-date.

Sales analytics 

Better decision-making with better data. Utilize Bitrix24 to optimize your website, refine your marketing strategy, and improve sales decisions.

Marketing team collaboration 

Bitrix24 unites teams through various communication channels and planning tools. Visualize your plans with Gantt charts, and collaborate on project completion using tasks, to-do lists, and calendars.

Tasks and projects

Boost your team's productivity by creating customer tasks and projects within the Bitrix24 CRM marketing software. It streamlines your work, enhances communication, and helps your team achieve more efficiently.

Document management

Simplify document management with Bitrix24's CRM software. Store and organize your documents in the cloud for convenient access. Ensure security with access permissions to safeguard private or sensitive information.

Integration with social networks 

Customers connect with companies through various channels, including social networks. Enhance response times by integrating social networks into your CRM software.

Bots and AI 

Expand your company's capabilities by incorporating bots and artificial intelligence (AI) on your website. These tools optimize your resources while ensuring exceptional customer care.

Group calendars 

Improve communication and maintain clear expectations by sharing due dates and team meetings on a calendar accessible to everyone in the team.

CRM web forms

Boost lead generation with CRM web forms. Bitrix24 not only aids in website building but also offers powerful sales tools, including customizable web forms, to supercharge your sales efforts.