Real time communication with staff and clients 

Bitrix24 offers telephony, HD video conferencing, and chat channels, enabling real-time communication between staff, clients, and project managers or company representatives. This enhances customer service and promotes seamless team collaboration.


Optimize your time management with the Bitrix24 task management tool. Stay organized by sharing important meetings and events through calendars, or monitor task time for precise project estimates, ensuring efficient project management.



Efficiently manage documents in the cloud. Use access permissions to securely share contracts with clients without exposing all company files.


In the transportation business, effective client relationship management is crucial. Utilize the task management tool, calendars, and communication features to ensure customer satisfaction and keep your team well-informed.

Customer Contact Center 

Elevate your customer communication capabilities with Bitrix24's contact center. Easily route calls, access order information, and track details in one seamless software solution.

Tasks and Projects 

Bitrix24's task management tool empowers project managers to swiftly create individual or team tasks. You can also track hours, provide updates, and maintain notes within the Bitrix24 software for efficient project management.