Tasks & Projects 

Legal teams need a project manager to ensure no detail is overlooked. Set up tasks for easier project breakdown and collaborate as a team to accomplish them efficiently.

Real Time Communications 

Our client management tools simplify communication through video conferencing, telephony, and real-time chat channels. They also maintain records of all communications for easy reference.

File Sharing & Drive 

With Bitrix24's cloud, your business can seamlessly share and store documents. Grant access permissions to securely send documents to clients and specific team members, ensuring information remains protected.

Scheduling & Calendar Sync

Craft and share calendars within your teams or individually to ensure everyone stays on track. These client management tools are designed to keep everyone aligned and informed.


Enhance client relationship management with Bitrix24's in-task notes, reminders, improved communication, and scheduling tools. These features empower you to better manage your client relationships.


Simplify your HR team's tasks and support them in their role. Bitrix24 allows you to track employee time and benefits, generate reports, create invoices, and more, making their job easier and more efficient.

email marketing 

Elevate your legal office's marketing efforts with user-friendly automated email marketing.

Report builder 

Save valuable time on report writing by letting our client management tools automatically generate them for you.

Mobile App 

Stay connected while on the move. Access all the client management tools available on your desktop with ease through the Bitrix24 mobile app.